If you are building a home, there are lots of variables to consider and products to pick out. That's why Shelly was thrilled when she was shopping for appliances to learn about Heatworks and our breakthrough water heater technology. No heating elements to rust or scale means purer hot water for her and her family to bathe and shower in.

Your hot water heater has a dirty little secret.

Traditional tank-type electric water heaters all have one fundamental flaw: they use metal heating elements to heat the water. To heat a tank full of water, the relatively small heating element(s) must get very hot. In some cases, up to 800° F. This causes rust and limescale to form on the surface of the element. Over time, “hot spots” develop, and the elements fail.

The mineral sediment and rust ends up in your tank.



If you have an electric tank-type water heater, you and your family are cooking with and bathing and showering in hot water stored in something similar.

Tankless electric water heaters aren't any better. Though they instantly heat water as it flows through the device, they use this same archaic technology.

The way Heatworks heats water is completely different.

Instead of having elements that get really hot and then transfer the heat to the water, through our patented Ohmic Array Technology, we actually pass electrical currents through the water itself. Using graphite electrodes and electronic controls, we increase the energy state of the water molecules, so they move faster. The faster they move, the more kinetic energy they have. This causes the molecules to begin to bounce off each other; that kinetic energy turns into heat. Through direct energy transfer, your water is heated instantly, within (+/-) 1 degree Fahrenheit of the temperature setpoint. With no coils or traditional heating elements that can scale and rust over time, the water you get is purer than what any other water heater can provide. That's good news for you and your family.

Isn't it time to switch to a purer way to heat water? See the complete line of Heatworks' water heaters.